Simple yoga breathing can change our life and reduce many at-risk conditions we have in life. Breathing is the basis of life, without it, death is inevitable. As it is one of the most important parts of life’s results of being alive, there is a need to learn proper breathing techniques.

Yoga promotes this proper breathing as vital to bring oxygen to the blood and to the brain as do science. These breathing techniques bring about the highest form of purification and self discipline covering both the mind and body.

The primary intention of practicing yoga breathing is to prepare the individual to be prepared both in body and mind for the meditation phase. Generally, most people don’t know the importance of breathing properly. Most people breathe in very shallow breaths, which does not carry enough oxygen to the entire body which in turn causes various negative medical conditions.

Yoga breathing is the art of taking deep breaths to fill up almost the entire lung and then to exhale slowly, while all the time concentrating on the process.

Here are some simple steps to yoga breathing:

  • Choosing a quiet and dimly lit area or naturally lit area
  • Use a comfortable yoga mat
  • Sit on the mat crossed leg but pulled towards the chest
  • Keep the back straight and hold the arms in a relaxed and comfortable position on the thighs.
  • Touch thumbs and index fingers together with palms facing downwards.
  • Inhale deeply while focusing on the breath taken. Do this a few times until totally relaxed.
  • Concentrate on trying to breath from the abdominal area and not just the chest.
  • Once the level is reached alternate between cheat breathing and abdominal breathing.
  • Touching the index and middle fingers to the thumb with the ring and pinky finger sticking out, press on one nostril and breathe deeply and exhale. Alternate this with the other nostril too.